TNT Reading

Test ‘n’ Train Reading (TNT) is available through BrainTrain, the company that also offers Captain’s Log Mindpower Builder. BrainTrain was founded in 1989 by Joseph A. Sandford, PhD, a clinical neuropsychologist. The company offers TNT as a comprehensive reading system for ages K-3. TNT tests and trains children to read by first using a variety of diagnostics that identify difficulty areas, and then adapts computerized cognitive lessons with over 1,000 exercises to help children progress in proficiency in their deficit areas, continuing to test periodically for skill development.

This early intervention program works on developing the cognitive skills necessary for reading comprehension, including attention, working memory, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, letter recognition, and phonics. To help keep students motivated, non-violent video game-like features in the program allow students to take breaks from the main computer-instructed exercises while still developing processing speed.

TNT can be configured to run automatically, customize criteria for level advancement, choose a standard or accelerated mode, determine if testing should precede or follow training, alternate exercises between reading mastery and reading comprehension, and acknowledge effort even if success isn’t reached within a level. Additionally, the new BrainPower™ neurofeedback option enhances the regular training by giving students feedback on their mental state while they read, encouraging a calm, alert, and positive approach to reading.

Included in the digital downloadable (or DVD) package are unlimited reading assessment tests for regular monitoring of progress. The TNT exercises follow the national Common Core Standards.

The founders of TNT have more than 25 years of reading research. In 2012, TNT won the Silver Award from TopTenREVIEWS for its design and The Mom’s Choice Awards® that recognizes programs that offer high-quality family media, products and services.