Captain’s Log MindPower Builder—School Edition

Captain’s Log MindPower Builder—School Edition, a BrainTrain, Inc. program, is an adaptive computerized cognitive training program used in various settings to remediate a variety of cognitive skills, including working memory and encoding, and supports students at all grade levels. BrainTrain, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Joseph A. Sandford, PhD, a clinical neuro-psychologist, and offers a series of educational programs for cognitive training, neurofeedback, and reading, as well as clinical diagnosis tools for therapists.

MindPower Builder for students is a “neuro gym” that consists of more than 2,000 computer-based exercises targeting 20 different cognitive skills, including visual and auditory processing speed, conceptual reasoning, working memory, response inhibition, visuospatial skills, fine motor control, and more. The program begins with skill tests that generate individualized training plans. Training modules are presented as games in which the student’s performance is recorded and “points” are earned based upon the accuracy of performance. Different games specifically address individual cognitive abilities at different grade levels. The adaptive approach used within the program tracks a participant’s progress. Assessment tests can be administered throughout the program’s use to determine gains in cognitive areas, including a series of benchmark exercises which can be used both for creation of the initial training plan and for modification after training. The software has an Advanced Interface for building of the training plans, launch of benchmarking apps, viewing/printing of grades and reports, and a Player Interface that allows the trainee to run the Training Plan.

MindPower Builder—School Edition was specifically designed for use in schools and is installed directly on the educator’s computer (not web-based). Students can use the product independently while in class. It provides detailed documentation of progress, which can be set up in the program settings to be automatically emailed to parents, teachers, and other supporters of student progress.

MindPower Builder is evidence-based, with studies showing significant improvements in working memory, reading, behavior and attention for students with attention difficulties. The platform can be customized to train specific cognitive skills for individual students and the video game-like platform encourages students’ motivation to complete training tasks, increasing the potential development of cognitive skills. Its customizable training options target individuals with cognitive deficits, but the program is also effective for normal-developing students. Different behavioral tracks also let the educator target areas like patience, listening, and self-control. MindPower Builder also includes the NeuroSky MindWave neurofeedback device, which offers a variety of sensory feedback and “brain-controlled” exercises that can be used as part of the training to help students develop attention and a calm state of mind conducive for learning.