BrainWare SAFARI

BrainWare SAFARI, offered through BrainWare Learning Company, is a software program used to develop cognitive skills in a videogame format. Like many computerized cognitive training programs, it does not teach academic subjects but rather the underlying cognitive skills that improve the ability to learn. The online exercises (or games) are divided into six mental processing categories: attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, sensory integration, and reasoning/logic. It is suitable for ages six to adult, but is used primarily in elementary and middle schools.

The website describes the games as “exercises derived from multidisciplinary clinical therapy, drawing from speech pathology, vision development, psychology, and other disciplines” (“Education and Skills development, MyBrainWare,” 2017). It targets a wide range of students, including typically developing, those with identified cognitive deficits, and high performers.

The program includes 20 exercises with 168 levels of progressive difficulty, developing 41 cognitive skills. The recommended timing is 30-40 minute sessions, three to five times a week for 12 to 14 weeks. The games can be accessed anywhere there is a computer and internet connection and do not require teacher supervision.

BrainWare SAFARI has received numerous awards including the Academics’ Choice Mind Spring Award; the Top 100 Products of 2011 in the November issue of District Administration Magazine; the Parent Tested Parent Approved Winner’s Seal of Approval; the Mom’s Choice Awards for family-friendly media, products and services; the 2009 CODIE Award for Best Education Game or Simulation from the Software and Information Industry Association; the Teachers’ Choice Family Award from Learning Magazine; the Parents’ Choice Foundation Silver Honor; and the EdNET Rookie of the Year Award for 2006.