Brain Science

BrainFutures Conference 2017

Advances are occurring in brain science every day. Discover the latest news in brain health, training, and technology that are improving mental health outcomes and quality of life.

6-7 September

Gaylord National Resort (Washington, D.C.)


Until recently, scientists believed that brain development came to a halt during adulthood. Research has debunked this theory, and today we know that our brains are constantly changing throughout our lives and forming new pathways in response to our environment, actions, thinking and emotions. This is good news for all of us; whether we want to improve our productivity and learning, maintain sharp thinking as we age, or are looking to optimize treatment for a mental health or substance use problem. Breakthroughs in the understanding of brain plasticity have spurred new directions in neuroscience research, producing a wide range of practical applications to restore and strengthen pathways in our brains, and in doing so, improving brain functioning and the quality of lives.

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