2015 Conference Highlights

View highlights from the BrainFutures Conference 2015; explore conference sessions and learn about past speakers.



BrainFutures Conference 2015 Highlights

In late 2015, nearly 300 researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, consumers and family members came together in Maryland to explore the latest science, innovation and treatment advancements around neuroplasticity: the concept that our brains change throughout our lives. Participants called the event “transforming,” and walked away with new insight into the promise of better outcomes.

Ranging from neurofeedback to nutrition, you can now watch the sessions you missed – or share key topics with your friends and colleagues.

Simply click on 2015 Sessions to watch the session, browse the photo gallery and learn more about the speakers and their work.

You can also view the 2015 Expo Program to learn more about sponsors and experts who are conducting the research, creating new products and delivering the care that can change the way we think about brain treatment and optimization.

BrainFutures is making this information freely available to ensure that everyone – individuals, families and clinicians – has easy access to new science, new treatments and new promise.


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