Edublox Online Tutor

Edublox Online Tutor is a computerized program of cognitive training exercises designed to build strong learning skills for all students. The Edublox company was created in 1979 to address weak foundational skills in concentration, memory, and processing speed, which are at the core of many learning difficulties across subjects. It is for use at home or in school and is most suitable for ages 7-13. Some exercises require adult input, so limited supervision is required.

There are currently two packages available: Development Tutor and Reading Tutor (a Writing Tutor and Math Tutor package is scheduled to be released soon.) Development Tutor is the basic package, recommended use is 20-25 minutes, 3-7 times a week, and it specifically addresses: focused and sustained attention; visual and auditory processing and processing speed; visual, auditory, sequential, iconic, short-term, long-term and working memory; and logical thinking and reasoning skills. Reading Tutor contains all of the exercises of Development Tutor with additional reading and spelling exercises that also improve: decoding, word attack and word recognition; reading speed; comprehension; spelling; and vocabulary. Recommended use is 40-45 minutes per day, 3-7 times a week.

The program purports to correct a range of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADD/ADHD. The company offers a free initial assessment of a student’s skills in reading, visual sequential memory, auditory memory, eye span, and logical thinking to help identify areas of cognitive difficulty as well as reading age to help determine which package is most beneficial.

Over the past thirty years, Edublox has reached over 150,000 people in approximately 40 countries.