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BrainFutures accelerates adoption of effective applications of brain science advances to maximize human potential. Led by a cross-disciplinary advisory board of experts, BrainFutures fills a critical gap by providing rigorous analysis of practical advances in brain health.

Latest News

Brain Training Holds Promise For Treating Neural System Dysfunctions Behind Psychotic Disorders

Advances in neuropsychological rehabilitation may help remediate psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder with psychosis.

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Roots of Autism May Lie in Embryonic Brain Development

A new study strengthens the theory that neurological irregularities giving rise to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop in the cerebral cortex before birth.

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Mobile Game Helps Detect Alzheimer’s Risk

A game, which has been downloaded and played by more than 4.3 million users worldwide, may help researchers better understand dementia by seeing how the brain works in relation to spatial navigation.

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