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BrainFutures accelerates adoption of effective applications of brain science advances to maximize human potential. Led by a cross-disciplinary advisory board of experts, BrainFutures fills a critical gap by providing rigorous analysis of practical advances in brain health.

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BrainFutures is Gearing up for Brain Awareness Week! Here's How You Can Participate!

As Brain Awareness Week is rapidly approaching, here are some ways you can become a brain advocate.

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How Exposure to Childhood Adversity Can Reduce Cognitive Control and Alter Key Brain Networks

Researchers suggest that understanding the link between childhood adversity and depression could help healthcare providers offer higher levels of care and proactive prevention.

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Can Neuroscience Help Explain Why Shorter Days Can Lead to Darker Moods?

The winter months bring shorter days and darker nights, but for some they also bring a darker mood. Find out what experts believe to be the culprit.

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