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BrainFutures accelerates adoption of effective applications of brain science advances to maximize human potential. Led by a cross-disciplinary advisory board of experts, BrainFutures fills a critical gap by providing rigorous analysis of practical advances in brain health.

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BrainFutures Director Testifies Before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee

BrainFutures Director Karen Alexander testified before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee in support of House Bill 110, which would require public elementary schools to provide a daily program of physical activity.

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BrainFutures is Gearing up for Brain Awareness Week! Here's How You Can Participate!

As Brain Awareness Week is rapidly approaching, here are some ways you can become a brain advocate.

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Advances in MRI hold great promise for diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders

Read how a whole-body human scanner operating above 10 Tesla (10 T) will give experts a better understanding and treatment of neurological diseases.

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