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The latest: BrainFutures evaluated more than 200 peer-reviewed papers on psychedelic medicine and consulted with dozens of experts in the field to understand how these perception-altering compounds could change the landscape of mental health and substance-abuse treatment.

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The Evidence for Psychedelic Medicine

One in five U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, and 17 percent of individuals experience mental illness before reaching adulthood. Evidence is mounting that psychedelics hold promise for the treatment of a wide range of mental health and substance use disorders, including major depressive disorder, alcoholism, and PTSD among many others.

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BrainFutures Launches Multi-Part Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Initiative

BrainFutures, a citizen advocacy nonprofit dedicated to improving human outcomes by assessing and advancing the practical applications of new scientific understanding of the brain, announces the launch of an issue brief series and coalition building effort focused on psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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Major Associations Endorse BrainFutures’ Recent Report on Neurofeedback Treatment for ADHD and Anxiety

BrainFutures’ latest report that outlines a clear case for neurofeedback (NFB) as an efficacious treatment for ADHD and symptoms of anxiety has gained the endorsements of three of the most notable international professional associations in the discipline.

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