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BrainFutures accelerates adoption of effective applications of brain science advances to maximize human potential. Led by a cross-disciplinary advisory board of experts, BrainFutures fills a critical gap by providing rigorous analysis of practical advances in brain health.

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Microbiome and the Brain: A Conversation with Dr. Robynne Chutkan

To learn more about the microbiome and its relationship with brain health, the BrainFutures team spoke with Dr. Chutkan at her Digestive Center for Wellness in Washington, D.C. Find out how you can change your microbiome—and thereby improve your brain health.

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A Psychedelic Drug May Help Treat PTSD

New research suggests that a psychedelic drug may allow brains to relearn social-reward behaviors in such a way that could be helpful in the treatment of PTSD.

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Roots of Autism May Lie in Embryonic Brain Development

A new study strengthens the theory that neurological irregularities giving rise to autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop in the cerebral cortex before birth.

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