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Neuroplasticity is the simple, yet game-changing discovery that our brains can and do change throughout our lives. Light Up Your Mind by staying connected to BrainFutures for ubiased, rigorously-vetted information about advances in brain fitness and the treatment of illness.

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Light Up Your Mind

Until recently, scientists believed that brain development came to a halt during adulthood. Today we know that our brains are constantly changing throughout our lives and forming new pathways in response to our environment, actions, thinking and emotions. This is good news for all of us, whether we want to improve learning outcomes for kids, maintain sharp thinking as we age, optimize functioning at work or enhance treatment for a mental health or substance use problem.

Breakthroughs in understanding of brain plasticity have spurred new directions in neuroscience research, producing a wide range of practical applications through the use of:

  • games, apps and computer-assisted learning
  • magnetic and electrical medical devices
  • new medication and therapies
  • mindfulness practice, diet and exercise
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BrainFutures caters to a diverse audience of:

Care providers and payers in health, behavioral health and older adult services

Educators and administrators in primary and secondary schools

Employers and human resources professionals

Policymakers and the public

2017 Conference Speakers

BrainFutures 2017 featured a world-renowned lineup of presenters discussing advances in treatment, brain fitness across generations, the value of technology in treating mental illness and substance use problems, and the range of therapy options that can improve outcomes.

BrainFutures Speakers

Sandra Chapman, PhD

Founder and Director, Center for Brain Health, UT Dallas
BrainFutures Speakers

Norman Doidge, MD

Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher & author
BrainFutures Speakers

Adam Gazzaley MD, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Akili
BrainFutures Speakers

Rep. Patrick Kennedy

Founder, Kennedy Forum
BrainFutures Speakers

Ali Smith

Founder, Holistic Life Foundation
BrainFutures Speakers

Bruce Wexler, MD

Founder, C8 Sciences & Professor, Yale Medical School

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