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Recent research has led to a revolutionary new discovery: Our brains constantly change throughout our lives, forming new pathways in response to our environment, actions, thinking and emotions. Working with a cross-disciplinary group of experts, BrainFutures seeks to make effective brain health practices widely accessible to people of all ages, enabling advancements in learning, enhancement of cognitive performance, prevention of debilitating brain conditions and effective treatment of mental health and substance use conditions.

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‘Nutrition does not stop at the neck’

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 8 million people die every year from mental illness.

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September is World Alzheimer's Month

September 2018 is the seventh annual World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise dementia awareness and challenge stigma.

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Scientists Discover a New Type of Brain Cell in Humans

A team of 34 international scientists discover a new type of brain cell in humans that is not found in mice and other animals used to model human brains in experiments.

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