BrainFutures Heads West to the AspenBrainLab

Monday, July 23, 2018

On Saturday, July 14, the AspenBrainLab took place in Aspen, Colorado, featuring 12 thought leaders who shared their insights into our most vital of organs: the brain. Members of the BrainFutures team were in attendance.

The conference packed a variety of content into two sessions held over a compact seven hours.

The morning session featured a series of interesting talks, including journalist Scott Carney‘s experience with training his brain to adapt to extreme weather, an overview of how a sleep deprived brain can affect health from Dr. Charles Czeisler and Dr. Joshua Hare’s take on stem cells and their connection to the regenerative powers of the brain.

The afternoon session took the audience on a deep dive into Alzheimer’s disease with lectures from George Vradenburg on new Alzheimer’s therapies, Dr. Dale Bredesen on how we can end the disease and Dr. Mark Hyman on the need to re-think treatment.

The conference proved to be full of valuable insights into where science currently is and where it is going in regard to the brain. Interested to see what happened for yourself? We have two options for you below. You can watch the sessions and also read our live Tweet stream of the day’s activities.

Watch Session 1

Watch Session 2