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The latest: BrainFutures’ latest issue brief, A Path Toward Parity, is now available for download. 

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Highlights from April 2024

Stay up to date with our latest activities from April and how we're continuing to advance the equitable access to innovative mental health treatments.

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Rapid-Acting Mental Health Treatment Summit Aims to Lead the Conversation on What’s Next in Mental Health

BrainFutures, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing practical applications of new scientific understanding of the brain, will co-host the upcoming Rapid-Acting Mental Health Treatment 2024 (“RAMHT 2024”) an in-person event on January 7th, 2024 in San Francisco. RAMHT 2024 will be jointly led by Dual-boarded Child and Adult Psychiatrist and author of “The Frontier Psychiatrists,” Owen Muir, M.D., and BrainFutures’ Executive Director David Esselman.

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A Firefighter’s Story: Finding Self-Compassion through MDMA-Assisted Therapy

First responders stand as pillars of strength and courage, but it is easy to forget that even the bravest among us can carry hidden burdens. John, a seasoned fireman, discovered this truth when he stumbled upon a documentary about MDMA-assisted therapy (MDMA-AT) for PTSD. What started as a curiosity led him on a path toward self-discovery.

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